100% de bouze..
REality always Wake u Up from ur DrEam!!!

You’re my Rachel and i’m your Ross!

Last time i got the best compliment ever…

HOw strange could it be when you realize that while watching a movie you find soooooooo much ressemblance between your own life and the one that the actors are playing…

But when you look back on the movies that you’ve watched before and try to think about it, most of them relate closely to your lives, is it pure coincidence or is it that the movie writers write their own experience hence leading to a more realistic one..

At least i know that i could have written mine and it would have  made an awesome movie, “Friends” or maybe even better than Friends who knows.. : )

Thinking back a little we’ve been soooooo much like them…

We’ve been so close and today it’s your birthday..

U’r far..

Wish that you could be around so that i could hug you soooo hard tat u’r eye balls would have nearly popped out XD

But anyway hope u’r having fun…

Wish you a merry, lovely, happiiiieeee awesome birthday R00ch!

Accompanied with the loads of other wishes that you could come up for yourself.. : )  Like ” FEr qui mo cv pas trop gras” XD

I won’t move until you come around for us to celebrate it even belated, but we’ll do it!!!

I’ll be the man that can’t be moved XD

Love you!!!

Miss You!!

3 Responses to “You’re my Rachel and i’m your Ross!”

  1. souheet ^^

  2. that is the sweetest post ever..thanks a lot fred..u wont believe it but am crying my heart out right now..am missing you all so much.
    one day, we’ll be together and we’ll hav all the fun in the world..comme on sait si bien le faire =)

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