100% de bouze..
REality always Wake u Up from ur DrEam!!!


Last time i got the best compliment ever…

HOw strange could it be when you realize that while watching a movie you find soooooooo much ressemblance between your own life and the one that the actors are playing…

But when you look back on the movies that you’ve watched before and try to think about it, most of them relate closely to your lives, is it pure coincidence or is it that the movie writers write their own experience hence leading to a more realistic one..

At least i know that i could have written mine and it would have  made an awesome movie, “Friends” or maybe even better than Friends who knows.. : )

Thinking back a little we’ve been soooooo much like them…

We’ve been so close and today it’s your birthday..

U’r far..

Wish that you could be around so that i could hug you soooo hard tat u’r eye balls would have nearly popped out XD

But anyway hope u’r having fun…

Wish you a merry, lovely, happiiiieeee awesome birthday R00ch!

Accompanied with the loads of other wishes that you could come up for yourself.. : )  Like ” FEr qui mo cv pas trop gras” XD

I won’t move until you come around for us to celebrate it even belated, but we’ll do it!!!

I’ll be the man that can’t be moved XD

Love you!!!

Miss You!!


yeah yeah 44!!!
What an age!!!
Not too old not too young!!
REaching maturity!!
Who ever thought of hooking up a 44 year old woman or guy!!!
Believe me its awesome! 😛
You’ve got much to learn from them, experience, maturity, state of mind, future life…
Will we be nice 44 year olds when we grow up??


oooppssiiieeee i fell once more back into the blog world..

OOhhh it happens, don’t blame me..

Well well seems like i gotta write something now, since i erroneously clicked on “new post” while browsing wordpress..

i’ve had my Low tides and High tides and for now it seems like the tides have stopped, im on a steady basis..

My colleagues find that i lack a finishing touch with girls 🙂

Oh am i to blame if they don’t like me till the end?? ^^ Maybe its cuz my shit talking can’t be hidden… It’s what makes my charm ain’t it ???


I love it when you are surrounded by drunk friends who show and express their love to each other..

Such deep words come from within, as someone that i freeeaaaakiiinnggg love told me; ” To coné mo pa p coz caca, kpav mone sou mais to coné ki mo care pou toi,  enfin mo coné to coné ki mo care, enfin to coné ki mo coné ki to coné ki mo care pou toi”.. I love it!!! Translations won’t fit for this… Kréole la meme meiller!!! 🙂

Sometimes booze helps… no no no Booze always helps!!!!

It’s been a while that i haven’t been letting myself get drunk. Booze ain’t fitting me too much .. At least if i wanna keep my driving license!! 🙂

I need some anyway.. May be next weekend! We’ll see…

C u for now people..


♥ U


I realise how i can be sooooo dumb some times,euh nopes i meant all the time..

Some people don’t try to understand me, and as usual i do the same mistake over and over again.. start a convo and cut it short, lol, that sooooooooooo makes some of them mad…

my feelings are weird, im a maso guy, that’s for sure..

im starting to hate each and every feeling thats related to love, at least friendship is still there..

im not asking each and everyone of you to try to understand me, but let it be, im like this so cut the crap and leave the shit that i am as i am, you know that i wont change.. From time to time i get  stuck in my own inner depression, im sorry if i end up influencing you with it..

Sometimes i do expect something that u wont even think of doing, i kind of relate what i feel to everyone, lol, hopefully there aint many like me ..

anyways, im stuck behind.. just need a rotor to turn me up :P.. Fuck electromechanics getting up my brain!! dduuuuuhhhhh, which reminds me  that ive got to get to my notes, cuz they wont get to me..


Terminons sur une note francaise,

au mon dieu je n’arrive pas a me concentrer sur mes études, trop beaucoup d’influence a la maison, scrubs, heroes, dragonball, justin.tv, … et trop peu de motivation a l’uni, donc quelle peut etre la solution a mon mal??

Je crois bien que cela dois certainement venir de moi! Parceque je crois bien que tout le monde y arrive sauf moi..

je crois en moi, je peut le faire mais il me faudra juste un peu plus de champignons que les autres pour pouvoir grandir “va y mario”, et peut etre meme une ou deux boite d’epinard comme popeye..


Attention le nouveau fred essaiera de debarquer dès que possible, veuillez attacher vos ceintures, nous decollons pour un fred nouveau dan 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.9999999, 1.9999998, 1.9999997, 1.9999996, …

Euh desolé mais le vol vient d’etre annuler, cause inconnu, ah si si, j’ai les chocottes!!..

:S, on vera bien la prochaine fois,

tant de mots pour ne rien dire, voila a quoi ce résume fred, tout plein de bla bla mais finalement c une merde :P, qui pu comme toutes les autres euh peut etre meme plus que toutes les autres, Je suis la merde ultime 😛

Le maitre du vent, je suis.. 😛

je controllerai mon destin comme je controlle le vent..



Je suis un con, je suis une merde, je suis chiant, lol.. je suis tellement parfait pour etre l’homme le moins desirable sur terre 😛

J’ai l’impression que je suis la seule personne qui puisse t’enerver aussi facilement, une simple blague tourne facilement au vinaigre, tout ce que je fait est le plus souvent mal pris, mais merde que dois-je dont faire pour limite te faire sourire parceque j’ai l’impression que tout le monde y arrive sauf moi. C’est peu etre le fait que je sois la quasiment tout le temps pour toi, et cela malgré tout me fait enormement plaisir, et la en ce moment meme comme la majorité du temps on est en froid, je sais pas si c’est pour ne pas casser l’habitude ou un truque de ce genre mais bon.

Je sais que je peut etre extremement con et dir des truques si betes que je m’etonne moi mem, mais euh je me demande pourquoi moi je n’ai jamais le benefice du doute. Je suis tout le temps celui qui essaie de recoller les morceaux.

Mais malgré nos disputes, nos querelles perpetuelles, pouvoir passer quelques heures, et meme quelques minutes avec toi, me donne le sourire pour toute une journée, euh sa depend si on s’est encore disputer ou pas :P..

merci d’etre la, malgré ma connerie..


I’m finally done with y last test for this week, still 4 to go before exams start..

ah talking about exams i just had my time table today, OMG i never imagined that would be so aweful, 3 supa dupa hard papers on the 5th, 6th and 7th, yuhuuuuuu…

i’ve been doing some blog exploration lately thanks to http://mauritiusbloglist.blogspot.com/ on which i am listed, thanks to the one that just put me there, i just found some stuffs that were awesome to read, i rather prefer reading what those bloggers have to write than drowning in my notes..

Tonight as usual after most of the s*cker tests im gonna chill out..

its movies night..

fags are missing, anyway im gonna deal without them tonight, but maybe a little 7seas will accompany me..

i’m off to my movies projections..

c u people.


This reminds me of a dumb movie that made me wait looooonnnnggggg looooonnnngggg loooonnnggggg and that made me give up the wait, and guess whats the title of this crappy movie, ” THEY WAIT”.. Guess the banla people remember it!! 😛 Don’t u Banla??? Till now im still waiting to watch it integrally! but i think its gonna wait, there are movies that have not yet been filmed that are gonna pass before it..

That’s what i would clearly call waiting in vain..


Each day that goes by makes me see that life is a shitty test that we all have to undergo.

And till now ive been failing most of the exams, hopefully reseats are available..

Im reseating some papers over and over again, and i don’t think i’ll be able to pass them anyway, looks like i won’t get my life degree!!

Top of those numerous reseats lie the most beautiful feeling LOVE..

Ah shit, why am I always failing this!! hmmm where did i go wrong..

I see friends around me getting along so well with their partners and i stay as most of the time alone with my glass, it seems that its always boozing time for me.. 😛 Hopefully im not an alcoholic at least not yet..

At least once I would so much like something to happen for me.. At least feel it and be able to share it and of course feeling it in return.. (L)

Anyway, i’m sorry if this post ends up like this, i just realised that its 3:18 a.m, ive got a test in some hours and my revision isn’t done yet..

Off i go..



The subject of this week for me seems to be love, hmmm..

Some can’t say if they are really in love or not.. But some can actually feel it..
The fire burning within you when u c the person for which u fell, the feeling that time runs by soooooo fast when ur with him/her, the need to spend even only a few minutes with the loved one..

feel he/her breath near ur neck appreciate the moment, feel the thrill of her presence..

Anyway, some don’t feel it..
Some dont feel like feeling it..

Some say they wanna feel it..
But i say.. “…”

No i wont say anything just not to shit on this post…


How can u treat yourself better when u know that uve been shittier than shit itself?..


I feel like shit today..

I’ve lost something that i cherish the most..

I’ve been holding the tears for several hours now..

i couldn’t sleep well..

the worst is that whatever i do, the situaton won’t change..

I’ve become a ” like everyone else now”..

That hurts, it really really hurts..

When u use to share something strong something gr8, but i shall agree that im the one that shitted it out..

I’m just a jerk, an egocentric jerk..